Palliative Care Music

COVID 19: We respect visitor requirements at the facilities & residences we visit and will wear a mask when requested. 

We bring our music to you. Your loved ones, patients, residents, and staff alike will enjoy the connections, compassion, and comforting music we provide. We travel to a variety of places to bring uplifting music to the people in our surrounding communities:

Senior Living Facilities
Facilities Providing 
Hospice Care
Other Palliative Care Facilities 

Each 60 minute visit includes the time it will take to set up and break down any musical equipment we bring with us. 

Palliative Care Musical Visits are 60 minutes each. To learn more, click on the button below.


Group Musical Visits


60 minutes each
Playing the piano
Connection with your group
Residents can sing along

Individual Musical Visits


60 minutes each
Playing the ukulele
Connection with your resident
Song requests can be made


Promenade Musical Visits


Visit as many residents as possible
60 minutes total per facility visit
Playing the ukulele
Connection with each resident 1:1
Add more hours per visit at $75 each


Palliative Care Music Packages

Please Call for Pricing

Highly customizable
Multiple, standard 60-minute visits
Provided on weekly or monthly basis
Discounted price-per-visit
Visits can be a mix of group, individual, and promenade visits
Add more hours per visit at $75 each
Includes perks, such as a free holiday concert!

Outdoor Concert

Please Call for Pricing

1 hour minimum
Playing keyboard
Socialization and connection for residents
Musical equipment provided

If the type of service you’re looking for is not listed above, please let us know. We can customize our musical services and tailor them to your residents’ or loved one’s needs. Call us at (470) 648-2777, or send us a message to learn more.

"Meredith has been gifted with a beautiful voice which is suited for many different settings. I've heard her sing on several different occasions, her selections covering many genres and she's nailed each and every one of them. I'd highly recommend Meredith knowing you won't be disappointed."
Pam C.